We humans

As we grow and observe there are some people in our lives whom we must meet to forfil purpose in our lifes. It’s kinda like David and Jonathon they both had a connection which porpel each other in to destiny. We have to be careful whom we ill treat and neglect. Sometimes they are the part of the missing puzzle or the bridge to forfil our good given purpose… Watch whom you embrace and those you chase.


Cyber interaction

Today am learning cyber-reality has become a customary or more than just a petty post. Statistics have shown more than 45% of our suicidal attempts, rape, and molestation, drug trafficking, sex trafficking is as a result of cyber interaction. People are being hurt emotionally, and mentally online, those status people post with the intention to deliberately affect a person, the arguments via WhatsApp, it’s like a book you can go back to copy and paste from different arguments place then in different chats. In the end, the conversation leaves either party hurt or less trusting, why we are not seeing how it affects us, ensure your interaction is out if love, cyber interactions are deep and can leave feelings of despair and lack off hope.

Let us try, be patience.


Today as I open my eyes to face the world I realize that I had given so much of me, to a human ideology of what I could be or what they want me to be. I can’t even hear their name, it’s not hated, but the memories attached to them, everything they said I needed to fix, every time they put another person opinion of my personality before what I truly am. Now am in the process of maintaining of watching my time reinvented with a constant fear if am going stop going to be an example for someone son. However, I will maintain my faith and overcome my fears. So am maintaining a desperate cry for help, whether it is counseling, screaming my lungs out, practicing to smile in the mirror, not eating, until God love covers me I will maintain by Gods grace. I am hungry for something other than what I have been before, maintaining faith, for it is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Gracefully broken.

The new wine

The time it takes wine to reach its purest, most refine and purest state requires the right temperature it has to be protected, covered and store carefully. It’s very delicate. As the fruit ages, it brews, its value increase its shelf life becomes its greatest asset. It sits there and only when the buyer whom will give his life, to have it, takes and stores it again, delicately, protected, covered in his seller. Open only for special occasions, siped only by his close friends and family. Touch only by him saved just for his quiet time. Yet still, he is gentle, he understood the price, the time it took to get this taste, he saw it at its shelf value and decided to ensure that it becomes refine with each year he spends with it. This wine was just an old, cotton, damaged, useless fruit to many but Christ gave his life for such a person like you and me, and he will do it every day.

Love like Christ.

This idea was taken from Hillsong (New Wine) I have no rights to the song.

Jesus my sole desire is for you to bring new wine out off me.